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3-D rendering of a Digital Transport Station TRONimation is a program that I started writing because I was frustrated by the lack of the ability to replicate the "Glowing lines" that are the hallmark of Tron. To the left you will see a prototype render of (part) of a Recognizer. That one took probably an hour and a half of work to create (Mostly because I had no frickin' numbers to start from). If you don't know what a Recognizer is, you probably haven't found what you're looking for. For more information about what TRONimation is, go to the About page. If you have any comments, suggestions, or want to help, please contact me at ejkeever AT sbcglobal DOT net. All feedback is appreciated. I'll be more likely to notice your E-Mail if you include "Tronimation" in the subject line.

That is all, conscripts.

It's been a long times since I've gotten much work done. I'm currently in the process of writing an actual raytracer to emulate the look of Tron more accurately, as well as allow for important things like CSG. If I can ever get it to work...

Just in time for New Years, the first stable release of Tronimation in over 2 months! New version 20041229 is up for download.

I get the feeling it would be easier to write a raycaster than try and make binary recombination work with OpenGL polygon rendering...

Getting very, very close to the next stable release! There are 1 or 2 more things to finish with the object editor window, a little problem with the console editor, and that darn 20041015 bug left. Then it's 'It compiles? Ship it!' time. With any luck, that time will come before the end of the year.

I've also assembled a quick model of, for lack of a better descriptor, an altar and I'll have screenshots shortly.

I am getting there. The system can now load and save the current world files correctly, but there is a bug in the loader for 20041015 files that is maddeningly difficult to find. I've also converted all the color functions of the program to use a construct containing float r,g,b,a; rather than having individual pointers for them all. In updating the source code to work with the new color setup, I also uncovered some bugs present in older code that assumed 8 line and 8 face colors. There's a new devel release out that covers all this.

Making progress. Designing a GUI is not fun, especially when you're starting from first principles. The version I intend to upload as a devel in a moment contains the latest work. The GUI object editor can modify position, size, rotation, and line color. With a little more work, I'll be ready for a new stable release.

The GUI is taking shape, but the dynamicizing (is that a word?) of data storage has caused a bit of a problem. Read the notes for the new devel release to learn more. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to assemble a quasi-stable release by the end of next week.