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The documentation here is provided as a reference in case you forget anything more than as a guide on how to use Tronimation (For that use the tutorials!). It covers all the primitives and how to manipulate them as well as all the program menus.

Chapter 1: Tronimation Primitives
1.1: Overview on Primitives A primitive in Tronimation is a simple geometric object that you can twist into an almost endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. A few examples of familiar such primitives would be cubes, cylinders, and spheres. These are items whose shape can be described and manipulated by a handful of variables. The Cube, for example, has six: The size of it's top 4 sides relative to the bottom, and a translation along the X or Z planes. It is these variables, and several other sets of data such as color, size, rotation, position, and rendering options, that will describe everything in the scenes you build.