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An early render of an IP data packet. Not particularly detailed at the moment, but more is coming.

A very nice shot of the IP packet from the front. This was taken from stereo mode; cross eyes to view.

A beautiful exhibition of the new primitive mathmatical shape trace. An extremely powerful primitive that follows the Ys traced by two equations (one for X, one for Z). Each equation has the first, second, third, and fourth powers available. This is a trace of a saddle shape, generated by using Y = -X^2 + Z^2. (Random math note: A triangle placed flat on the surface of this saddle will have less than 180 degrees)

Another beautiful parametric trace, Y = -.1X^3 -.2Z^2 + .1Z^3. This one has a powerful 3-D effect! You almost think you can reach behind the central bump...

This render was produced by the 20041220 devel release. Lacking any other term to describe it, I'm calling it an altar. A CUUUUUBE altar! The image below is probably being reduced to fit on your monitor, and that is why it's appearence is so poor. :/

The first exhibition of 20041229. Just in time for the new year, hop onto a digital beam transport station! As usual, the world file for this model is in the download, under Digital Transport Station.